GolfWords combines putting, puzzles and fun


The world’s most syndicated puzzle maker, David L. Hoyt, has teamed up with PGA teaching professional Don Parker to create GolfWords: an innovative and captivating game that combines putting and word play into fun for everyone. The blend of putting skills and expertly-crafted word games makes GolfWords as impressive to see as it is insanely awesome to play for all ages, interests and ability levels  As a recreational offering, it can used in home, corporate or golf settings.  As a learning tool, it has merit both for honing putting skills and challenging word creation.  Overall, it is fun and can be played for 10 minutes or an hour with equal enjoyment!


Home, Corporate and Retail

GolfWords Sport Edition fits in as little space as a standard hallway and can be used in the office, a retail space or set up at an event as part of team-building, customer loyalty or hospitality events.


As a Teaching Tool

In environments like libraries, youth centers and community programs, GolfWords enhances vocabulary, problem solving, socialization and collaboration all through the simple act of putting.


Clubs, courses and resorts

Find out how GolfWords can add value with easy-to-challenging play that supplements traditional course or recreational offerings.